What Does a Community Association Management Company in Atlanta Do?

What Does a Community Association Management Company in Atlanta Do?

In a recent survey, homeowners rated their experiences living in HOA-managed properties. Over 89% of respondents rated their experiences above average.

Would you like to ensure your Atlanta HOA-run property lives up to these standards? You should consider hiring a community association management company.

These companies help supplement the services undertaken by volunteer HOA board members. This makes managing communities easier and less time-consuming.

Keep reading to find out how Atlanta HOA management services can help your community.

Community Association Management vs. Property Management

A property manager usually handles all aspects of managing rental properties. They carry out almost all the landlord's duties on their behalf.

Community association managers offer many of the same services as property managers do. The difference is that they do it in tandem with the homeowners' association.

Community association managers don't collect rent or screen tenants, like property managers. They can assist with collecting HOA member fees and managing compliance with regulations.

In the simplest terms, a CAM is a type of property manager who works for an HOA instead of a landlord.

Community Association Management Services

Managing an HOA involves many time-consuming and specialized tasks. Some HOA board members don't have the skills, experience, or time to manage these complex duties.

The major role of a CAM is to relieve volunteer HOA board members of any difficulties they may encounter in their roles. Some services they offer in this regard include:

General Administrative Tasks

A community management team will update all documentation associated with the housing community. This includes records and databases.

They can also:

  • Keep track of bookings for communal spaces
  • Manage correspondence
  • Take minutes at board meetings
  • Communicate with homeowners, board members, and vendors

In some cases, their tasks include reviewing tenant applications and forwarding them to board members.

Financial and Legal Services

Community management companies work with experienced accountants and lawyers. These professionals help with tedious and complicated tasks, such as:

  • Collecting and processing rent
  • Vendor payments
  • Preparing the HOA budget
  • Compiling HOA financial reports
  • Advising the board on financial aspects
  • Filing tax returns

The legal team will ensure compliance with all Atlanta HOA regulations. They can also assist with legal matters as required.

Maintenance and Property Management

The HOA board must keep communal spaces within the community in excellent condition. CAM services ensure amenities are well maintained, cleaned, and repaired when necessary.

They can:

  • Gather bids for upcoming improvements
  • Keep track of routine maintenance
  • Process work orders and payments
  • Supervise contractors when needed
  • Manage access for contractors

A well-maintained property retains its value and attracts more prospective buyers.

Is It Time You Hired a Community Management Service?

Having experienced, qualified individuals on board streamlines all the functions of an HOA. Most importantly, it frees up board members' time so they can focus on other things.

If your HOA board isn't equipped with the time or skills to manage their tasks, you should consider hiring expert help.
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