These Atlanta activities will have you getting your spring on

These Atlanta activities will have you getting your spring on
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It’s getting warmer, Georgia! What better way to defrost your body and your mind than spending some quality time with nature? Here in Atlanta, we are lucky enough to live in a city that prioritizes our outdoor spaces, so that even the city dwellers can feel the magic of springtime.

Right in the middle of the city, we still have plenty of opportunities to see and experience all that our native wildlife has to offer! So, if you miss the sun on your face and the smell of blooms in the air, maybe a ripe strawberry or two, look no further for this weekend’s local plans.

1. The Botanical Gardens

Atlanta’s Botanical Gardens is one of our most famous tourist attractions, but we wonder if the locals take full advantage of what a day at the botanical Gardens has to offer. The Atlanta botanical gardens include an impressive 30 acres of gardens, art, and activities where anyone could find something to do. The botanical gardens contain many different plant collections used to teach, conserve, and bring joy to the Atlanta area!

There are events at the botanical gardens throughout the year, but as you can imagine, spring is one of the best times to visit because of the sheer number of blooms that appear as the weather warms. This time of year is also a wonderful time to visit the botanical gardens because there are so many fun and interesting events and speakers. In April, specifically, the massive orchid collection is in full bloom and on display, and it is a majesty to behold. to learn more about the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, and check out the event calendar, click here!

2. Atlanta Farmer’s Market

One of the most amazing and inspiring things to do during spring is to visit a farmer’s market, and the Atlanta Farmer’s market is not simple grocery store or couple of stands. At 150 acres of farmland and over 50 retailers and wholesalers, one could very easily make a full day of fun roaming around the market and taking in all it has to offer.

There is an incredible variety of different products available at the market including produce of course, all kinds of different locally made and sourced grocery items, flowers and gardening materials, specialty produce and spices specific to Mexican and Asian cuisine, pottery, crafts and so much more! If you don’t feel like buying a huge haul of stuff, the Farmer’s market is also a perfect place to grab yourself something small, maybe a small basket of strawberries, and take a stroll enjoying the fresh air and the sunshine. Learn more about the Atlanta Farmer’s market on their page on the Georgia Department of Agriculture website here.

3. Picking Strawberries

Speaking of strawberries, one of the most fun spring activities in the Atlanta, Georgia area is actually picking your own strawberries. April in Georgia creates the absolutely optimal conditions to grow plush, juicy strawberries ready to be eaten right off the vine. One of the best places to do this locally is Southern Belle Farm in McDonough. Southern Belle Farm boasts so many fun spring activity opportunities, especially geared towards families! There are 12 acres of just strawberries so that you can make a day of spending time in the sun, and carefully choosing to take home all the best ones!