How Atlanta Full Service Property Management Maximizes Profits

How Atlanta Full Service Property Management Maximizes Profits

The Atlanta, Georgia housing market is as hot as ever - and shows no signs of slowing down. With demand reaching unprecedented levels, now may be the best time to invest in Atlanta real estate.

If you're nervous about investing for the first time or you simply want an option that is less involved, full-service property management is a great choice. Here are some amazing benefits of using a property management company for your rental property.

Invest in Other Properties

Have extra capital lying around? With full-service property management, you can invest in additional properties. You won't have to worry about whether you can add another property to your portfolio if you outsource your management.

As long as you have capital such as a home equity line of credit, you can increase your investment portfolio with ease.

Streamline Your Tenant Screening

Tenant screening is one of the trickiest parts of property management. How do you know who is a good tenant and who isn't? Should you take a chance on someone who has a record? There are more questions than answers.

A property manager can take the guesswork out of tenant screening. Often, property management companies use special tenant screening software to filter out tenants with criminal records, bad credit, past evictions, or unwelcome pets.

Rent Collection on Time

Not getting your rent on time can decrease cash flow and cause major issues. A property management company will manage payments for you. Tenants can pay online through a tenant portal, which can track the status of the payments.

Talking about money is always difficult, especially when it comes to a landlord and a tenant. A property manager can send a reminder to your tenant that rent is due, and follow up with them if payment isn't received within a set period.

Shorten Your Vacancy Cycle

Want tenants to renew their lease rather than find a new place? Your property manager can find ways to get them to stay at the property, avoiding vacancy and lost revenue.

With affordable rent, prompt attention to maintenance issues, and good service, tenants are more likely to avoid looking for a new unit. You will save money, and they'll save the money they would have spent moving.

Evaluate Your Real Estate Marketing Strategy

Let the professionals handle the work when it comes to your real estate marketing strategy. When you have a unit available, a property management company can handle all of the advertising, from listing it on websites to taking professional photographs.

They can look at other rental properties in the area to see how you can charge more and make additional money on your rental properties as well.

Consider Full-Service Property Management Today

If you want a hands-off approach to property management, full-service property management may be the perfect choice for you. With these perks, there isn't a downside.

PMI Perimeter has knowledge and expertise in the Atlanta, Georgia real estate market. If you are ready to begin your property management journey, contact us today to get started.