Best Places to Grab a Hearty Soup and Sandwich in Atlanta and the Surrounding Areas

Best Places to Grab a Hearty Soup and Sandwich in Atlanta and the Surrounding Areas
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Winter is a great time to start exploring all the amazing soup and sandwich restaurants in Atlanta and the surrounding areas! Whether you’re looking for a warm bowl of soup and a filling sandwich on one of our colder winter days or a light and refreshing soup and salad on one of our warmer winter days, there’s a soup out there for everyone.

Our local restaurants have plenty of delicious options of filling soups from hot pots to hearty chilis to keep you warm and refreshed this winter season. So no matter your tastes, the Atlanta area has a soup and sandwich for you!

We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite soup and sandwiches restaurants for you and your family to enjoy this winter!

  • Himalayan Kitchen is located in Smyrna, Georgia, on Roswell Street. This restaurant does not offer any sandwiches, but if you’re in the mood for noodle soups, look no further than the Himalayan Kitchen. Their menu is full of delicious Tibetan cuisine including thukpa, a traditional Tibetan noodle soup as well as thenthuk, another traditional soup with hand-pulled flat pasta. Both of these soups come in 6-10 varieties as well, including beef, veggie, stir fry, and even shrimp chowmein, so there is a version of these delicious soups for everyone’s tastebuds!
  • Souper Jenny has locations in Atlanta, Buckhead, Decatur, Roswell, Brookhaven, and more! In the cooler weather they offer 6 daily hot soups, 3 sandwiches, and 3 salads that change DAILY based on ingredients that are seasonal and fresh. In the warmer months, Souper Jenny also offers chilled soups, more salad options, and lighter fare. Their soups include Jenny’s famous “My dad’s turkey chili” (which is actually owner Jenny Levison’s dad’s family recipe), Southwestern Chicken Noodle, and Everything Veggie. They also have a Grilled Cheese Service daily, which offers a “Traditional Grilled Cheese” and a “Fancy Grilled Cheese.” The “Fancy Grilled Cheese” contains sliced pears, cherry pear jam, and cheddar cheese – yum!
  • MetroFresh has two Atlanta locations – one in Midtown and one in Uptown, double the deliciousness! They have daily menus of new soups and sandwiches in addition to breakfast entrees. Each location also offers a unique experience for the diner. The Uptown location offers new after-work small plates while Midtown offers classic and inventive dinner entrées. Some of their fresh daily soups include a hearty Chicken Bone Broth and Cauliflower Potato Sunchoke. Their sandwiches sound just as delicious! These include a Black Forest Ham Focaccia and a Veggie Focaccia with a basil hummus. Their soups and sandwiches change daily, so it’s always a new experience at MetroFresh!
  • Anna Lee’s, located on Market Street in Roswell, has been a beloved local cafe for over 40 years. Their soups are made fresh daily – and you can only find the daily offerings “on the board” at the restaurant itself. You can pair a soup, entrée and dessert for Anna Lee’s “Famous Luncheon Special.” They offer several delicious sandwiches to choose from as well, including “Our Reuben” and “Pinwheels à la Richard,” which is served on Lahvosh Pastry with ham, pan roasted turkey, baby spinach, and their very own cheese mix. Expect a line around the block at lunch time for these special soups and sandwiches!

Don’t these soup and sandwich restaurants sound super tasty?

We’d love to work with you and your family this year and help you find more time to enjoy all of the delicious soups and more at all of these amazing restaurants! Visit our website at PMI Perimeter for all the details on our property management services and how we can help make life a bit easier for you this year!