3 of Atlanta’s Most Haunted Spots

3 of Atlanta’s Most Haunted Spots
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How do you like sightseeing, hearing spooky stories, and maybe even being scared? If that’s your idea of a good time, you should visit some of Atlanta’s most haunted spots. From hotels to theaters to cemeteries to parks and everything in between, Atlanta has plenty of haunted history that makes for days worth of entertainment! Take a look at these three haunting grounds that are sure to give you a fright and learn more about some of Atlanta’s most spooky history.

1. The Fox Theatre

In the mood to catch a play or a concert in the company of some ghosts? Look no further than The Fox Theatre, a former Civil War site. Staff and patrons alike have made reports of seeing apparitions of men and women in Victorian-era style clothes since its opening in 1928. It’s also rumored that the ghost of a man who worked in the boiler room of the theatre for decades named Roosevelt is one of the many spirits that makes itself most known. Want to get a closer look at this beautiful, historic space full of lively entertainment and paranormal activity? Visit The Fox Theatre website to learn more and plan your 60-minute guided tour hosted by dedicated Fox staff who are eager to share the theatre’s rich history with you.

You can visit The Fox Theatre at 660 Peachtree Street, NE Atlanta, Georgia 30308.

2. Rhodes Hall

Home to furniture magnate Amos Giles Rhodes and his wife Amanda, this Romanesque Revival architectural style castle is still home to both Amos and Amanda, now just in the form of paranormal entities. The home has served as a haunted house around the Halloween season in the past, and multiple visitors have reported an elderly female roaming the halls and the presence of an “evil man” in the basement. The Rhodes family had the mansion built at the peak of America’s fascination with electricity, which inspired Amos to have over 300 lightbulbs installed throughout the home, ensuring that none of the rooms would ever go dark. Witnesses outside of Rhodes Hall have said sometimes at night you can see lights across the building flicker on and off. Guests researching paranormal activity have made reports of catching ghosts and doors inexplicably opening and closing on video, along with audio of eerie noises like unexplained sounds of children laughing. Think you’re brave enough for a visit? Check out the Rhodes Hall website to learn more and take a virtual tour.

You can visit Rhodes Hall at 1516 Peachtree Street, NW Atlanta, Georgia 30309.

3. Oakland Cemetery

It doesn’t get much spookier than a good old-fashioned graveyard, and Oakland Cemetery is certainly no exception. Home to over 3,000 unnamed confederate soldiers, and reports of visitors seeing apparitions of dead soldiers and even hearing voices of soldiers speaking to them, Oakland Cemetery has plenty of paranormal activity to frighten even the most seasoned of ghost hunters. The Oakland Cemetery offers tours focusing on the spirits that call the hallowed grounds home. Not only can you get in on a guided tour, but there are also self-guided tours and even scavenger hunt options for the most eager of ghost fanatics. Does this sound like a good time to you? Visit the Oakland Cemetery website to learn more and plan your visit.

You can visit Oakland Cemetery at 248 Oakland Avenue, SE Atlanta, Georgia, 30312.

If you’re in the Atlanta area and appreciate a good haunt and a spooky story to match, be sure to check out one, or all of these local frights! Enjoy the paranormal culture in Atlanta so much you want to stay for longer than just a quick visit? Let PMI Perimeter help you find a place to call home! Visit our website to find our available properties for rent in the area.